SPORTSOLAR - A trademark of our company

for the solar system integrated in the floor; longterm proofed (since 20 years)

Sportsolar is not just a trademark,

but also patent protected.


SPORTSOLAR is the long-proven combination of solar absorber technology and walk-in floor.

SportSolar is a tartan track-like EPDM - PU blend
- Non-slip
- security breach
- bacteriologically harmless for use in public swimming pools and
- flexible - each soil type is customizable.

If you have no place on the roof or even if your investment shall

be used in winter as a skating rink, the ideal alternative is SPORT SOLAR

DOUBLE USE: Solar and floor use

TRIPLE USE: SOLAR - FLOOR USE [nbsp] - ice rink in winter

SPORTSolar as multifunctional sport surface

As a sports ground, the flooring is built like tartan - running track. It can be constructed water-permeable, so it can be built without gradient.

It is appropriate for ball sports such as tennis, basketball, handball, badminton.

The uniform EPDM based structure guarantees in combination with high-quality EPDM long-term durability. The oldest SPORTSOLAR installation, built under the patent protected system dates from the mid-90s and is still in operation.


SportSolar used as Ice Rink

The same technique can also [nbsp] or be used as a skating rink. Then the liquide in the tube system is a glycol-water mixture, cooled with a chiller. [nbsp]

The installed technology (the sport surface as well as the cooling technology) can be used twice:
- In the winter being an ice skating rink
       using the waste heat for an indoor pool??
       so that the energy cost of the Ice Rink are free?
- In spring, summer and fall as an integrated solar + heat pump system with the "normal" energy savings
- and always at the same time as a sports facility

SPORTSolar used as 400 running and Ice Track

SportSolar can be used in winter also as an Ice Track and in summer as a running surface (400 meters of track). The coating structure is commensurate with the requirements of the sport (nail boots) defined individually.