SOLKAV Solar plants for commercial or public use

Solkav builds large solar absorber units for hugh swimming pool facilities. Pool water flows directly through the system or circulates in a separate circuit with heat exchanger separation. The Solkav solar absorber units are consistant against the aggression of pool water by using an electrically non-conductive EPDM protected material and designed to last. Our systems can be installed on all roofs (flat roof, pitched roof, brick, asphalt, sheet metal, gravel roof). We analyze before installation on your roof the circumstances and decide on the proper installation method (gluing, clamping, use of other devices).

We can offer the following product variants:

  • ClassicSolar
  • PremiumSolar
  • SportSolar



Our systems have a maximum efficiency of 85%. In real operation with all weather conditions (wind, shading, etc.) reach the plants about 55% efficiency. At a solar surface size of 80% of the water surface our system reach in the seasonal average a 4 ° C higher pool water temperature and thus about 60 days more pool use.

Our plants can be built in any size. In case of large solar fields we break it down into sub-fields to follow allways optimal hydraulically technical and safety standards.


The premium solar absorber is perfect to heat outdoor and indoor pools

He is an EPDM solar absorber [nbsp] in a polycarbonate shell and

combines the advantages of solar absorbers to be independent of the sun angle of incidence, the smooth flat roof installation as well as the high volume flow with the advantages of glazed collector (higher rotational temperature) to a solution

with 40% less investment compared to flat panels

be used profitably in outdoor and especially also in

indoor pool areas.
In case of the absence of enough roof space the Premium Solar system is ideal. It provides the same performance at about a 25% reduction in space requirements [nbsp] with respect to normal solar absorbers.


PremiumSolar is also ideal to combine pool watre and shower water heating:

In the morning the pool, in the afternoon shower water “


SPORTSolar is the long-proven combination of solar absorber technology and walk-in floor.

SportSolar is a tartan track-like EPDM - PU blend
- Non-slip
- security breach
- bacteriologically harmless for use in public swimming pools and
- flexible - each soil type is customizable.

If you have no place on the roof or even if your investment shall

be used in winter as a skating rink, the ideal alternative is SPORT SOLAR

DOUBLE USE: Solar and floor use

TRIPLE USE: SOLAR - FLOOR USE [nbsp] - ice rink in winter