Product range

Solkav is a specialized company that focuses in the field of solar heat and heat pump techology on the heating of swimming pools, of private owned pools as well as of large municipal and commercial installations. This simple reason is that only outdoor swimming pools and indoor pools need in the summer - sunny season heat. Only this correlation of heat demand and supply makes solar heat plants profitable. In summer, the sun in Central Europe deliveres in July 7 times as much energy as in January, in the Algarve, after all, even 4x as much! In addition, swimming pools need low temperatures (25 - 35 ° C). This low temperature heat can be provided with low-cost solar absorbers or with heat pump technology at attractive cost level.

So that our product is able to amortize in a few years without subsidies.

We look back on 30 years experience and can offer several proprietary products:

Classic solar - EPDM solar absorber units

Premium solar - solar absorber units in the PC casing

Sport solar - the walkable Solar Absorber

Solar booster - the heat pump combination with solar collectors

Solar booster gas - heat pump with gas engine