Solkav is concerning "snow" in three areas active:

A. Maintaining of snow surfaces e.g for.
- jumps
- artificial snow
- Snow ramps, half pipes
B. Producing Snow for summer applications ourside or in halls
- as a summer toboggan runs
- or as a snow landscape in the desert region or in the summer period
C. ice / snow bar
In all cases we use our know-how of the
- Heat transfer of ice mats or PE tubing and
- the refrigeration (because snow is on high plus degrees chopped "ice"

Maintaining snow

The Solkav ice mats or PE piping systems are very suitable for the conservation of snow jumps, snow ramps, half pipes or in the finish area of ski resorts.

The subsoil is kept at a temperature depending on snow depth and solar radiation from - 3 ° C to - 6 ° C., and thus prevented the snow from melting. This is done with snow ice mats / PE piping [nbsp] layer below the snow and a refrigeration system, like for ice use.

Snow for summer use or in buildings

Snow can be even in summer produced and used. Then it is not real snow but chopped ice, (like "MacDonald's" Ice, only more). The snow may then be combined - in case the period of usage is more than some days - with Solkav Ice mats underfloor. Than with some permanent snow reproduction you may have snow for the full required period.

This system actually is also suitable for buidlings, in which a snowy landscape shall to be set up and maintained.

Snow and Ice Bars

With the same system you can set up Ice or Snow Bars. Or snow mountains!