Powder Snow Generator Technology
Powder Snow, Ice & Climate in One


Solkav has developed the  

Powder Snow Generating technology,

       to produde at Plus degree condtions (up to 45° C) snow

       and to remain it up to +30° C room or outside conditions.


The snow quality is POWDER SNOW QUALITY, dry good snow,

      to make snow man,
      to play with snow,
      to ski on it of course

We supply the whole "Combo of Snow, Ice and Climate"

        to use Snow and Ice parks perfectly.

Technolgy concept


The SOLKAV Powder Snow Generator family (PSG and PSIG)

           is constructed as a modular platform

           on which we customized each machine to client demand



a. POWDER Snow Quality (PSG)

 in snow capacity range from 18 m³, 25 m³ or 50 m³ per day 

b. Climate: Dehumidified air for snow production and the area room 

c. Optional: Cold for Ice Rink / Ice slide or Ice Kart use (I >>>> PSIG), as an integrated Solution 

Snow for summer or EVENT USE

Real Powder Snow can be even in

summer period produced wiht the SOLKAV Powder Snow Generator family.

Just the melting rate und thererfore the reproduction rat is higher.

Please ask for the right model!

Indoor snow

Indoor snowing is there usual implementation.

Create an Indoor snow area, 

Let it snow111


Let the kids be happy. playing snow;

having in mind that out of the snow area air has 35°c