Solar absorber system to heat the swimming pool

You want
- significantly warmer water in your swimming pool or in your pond?
- to extend the swimming season by 60 days and use your pool longer?
- to cool on hot days, your pool or pond?
Solkav offers a variety of solar based product solutions, at minimum energy cost - thanks to solar energy. [nbsp] [nbsp]
Heating cost of an outdoor pool for one season (1.5. to 15.9) at temperature level of about 24 ° are:

At about 800 kWh of heat energy per square meter [nbsp]
Are  80 liters of oil or 80 cubic meters of gas
with costs of EUR 0.65 per liter / oil or gas.
For a 24m ² swimming pool type that is approximately 1.250 EUR
with a strong upward tendency.
Each degree more warming will cost 25% extra!


Heat efficiency of SOLKAV Solar absorber systems

At 100 % Solar absorber surface
in relation to the pool surface
you reach the following efficiency:
                                                      few   normal   strong
additional heating
at a sunny day:
                                        during the day + 5°C   + 4°C    + 3°C
                                           during night - 1,5°C  - 2°C     - 3°C  
pool temperature higher
on seasonal average (Ø)                    + 5°C  + 4°C    + 3°C
additional pool usage days                60     -     80
during operation at 50% solar efficiency
(Return from solar radiation)

Functional principle

The bath water is bypassed on the roof:
It warms up solar by some degrees
Since the generated solar energy is as high as using glass collectors,
         - but only lukewarm, it needs
         - large volumes / tube diameter
         - to transport the energy
If there is no sunshine or already heated pool the system switches the power off by itself
The EPDM material used is of the highest quality,
- 100% UV stable and does not crumble over the years
- is resistant to chlorinated water, as a special non-conductive EPDM Qualtiät is used.
- hail-resistant and
- with proper mounting and windproof.
The connection between the solar absorber and the tube is a plug-in that will hold. The entire system is simple and stable in operation.

Combination with pool covers


In case you have a pool cover or a glass construction, you have already won 50% of heat demand. The solar system can now be made smaller (just 50% of the pool surface)
In glass constructions, you must swim no longer, despite already high air temperatures in cold water (only 3 ° difference in temperature air - pool will be felt as unpleasant)
And: You can always retrofit a solar system.


The premium solar absorber is perfect to heat outdoor and indoor pools

He is an EPDM solar absorber [nbsp] in a polycarbonate shell and

combines the advantages of solar absorbers to be independent of the sun angle of incidence, the smooth flat roof installation as well as the high volume flow with the advantages of glazed collector (higher rotational temperature) to a solution

with 40% less investment compared to flat panels

be used profitably in outdoor and especially also in
indoor pool areas.
In case of the absence of enough roof space the Premium Solar system is ideal. It provides the same performance at about a 25% reduction in space requirements [nbsp] with respect to normal solar absorbers

Sportsolar - as pool surround or terasse

SPORT solar is the long-proven combination of solar absorber technology and walk-in floor.

Solar Sports is a tartan track-like EPDM - PU blend

Security breach
harmful bacteria secure in public swimming pools
flexible floor every form is customizable.

If you miss roof space SPORT Solar is the ideal alternative

DOUBLE USE: Solar and land use

Solar sports in the swimming pool area can be laid as
- terrace or as
- Pool surround

The Sport Solar floor is never slipping, get hurt and is water impermeable and thus suitable bacteriologically for the public sector.
All colors (bright colors, but not recommended) are possible. Popular are red, red-black. Blue, blue-gray variations.
At the side of the border, the pipe ducts are built and covered with plastic mesh grid.
The efficiency of Sport Solar floor covering [nbsp] is almost as [nbsp] well as on the roof. Through the soil structure it is protected from the wind, which compensates for the lower solar output. Overall, we recommend an increase by about 20% of solar sruface in comparison to the roof absorber variant to achieve the same effect.
Into the Sport Solar, sports equipment, Springfield and other towers can be built.

Sport solar systems are slip-resistant and thus reduce the risk of injury, the pool surround is always tempered pleasant. You can always go barefoot on the sports ground solar.