Solkav is the pioneer of the mobile ice rink. The names of donors had in the 80 years the idea to use ​​the solar absorber mats, they lay on the roof for heating swimming pools, as ice mat, flowed with a glycol mixture. It was an idea which leaded in Europe to 1,000s of ice rinks, mobile and stationary ones.

We have made this idea into a complete product range for

- Ice rinks for purchase

- and to rent.

Our packages include:

A. Ice floor variants
    2 EPDM ice mats (white or black)
B. Semi-professional dash boards
C. Standard Refrigeration Package

D. Accessories

  1.Ice skate packages
  2.Ice skate packages

E. Under floor solutions, tents

F. Installation [&] Operating instruction



ALU STAR [nbsp] Technology [nbsp]

- Easy to install
- Suited-up to [nbsp] + 20 ° C AT for outdoor installation
- Energy consumption and installed cooling capacity: - 20%
- for Mobile and professional Ice hall


The full-aluminum system consists of:
[nbsp] [nbsp] [nbsp] 1 ALU fields [nbsp] of 1 x 5 m, with 20 aluminum tubes per meter[nbsp] [nbsp] [nbsp] 2 1 m long tube headers with 3 system Tichelmann [nbsp] (DA 100 or DA 160)
[nbsp] [nbsp] [nbsp] 3 Deflector
[nbsp] [nbsp] [nbsp] 1 To combine quick-release system [nbsp] to the individual header
[nbsp] [nbsp] [nbsp] 2 Deflectors and Camlockconector [nbsp] to Chiller
[nbsp] [nbsp] [nbsp] 3 Caps for the various collectors
[nbsp] [nbsp] [nbsp] 4 Aluminium Profile 70 x 40 x 2 mm length of 5.25 m and a square of 1m in the Chiler connectin area to built a [nbsp] ice bin.
[nbsp] [nbsp] [nbsp] 5 White plastic sheet with adhesive tape
[nbsp] [nbsp] [nbsp] 6 Walk-aluminum cover

Using this technology, you tread wiht us the most energy efficient and temperature-and sun-resistant way of having Ice. Our technique of solid aluminum sheet, which is patented worldwide, makes even under very heavy weather conditions the operation of ice rinks possible.

Ice Mats

Alternatively, we can offer ice mats EPDM (roll out), in white or in black (standard version).

The white mats are better during the process of Ice making because they refelct of course much better the sun You are able to make the Ice a lot faster. In operation, white mats have compared with normal black rubber no advantages. The oldest rubber based ice rinks of Solkav are more than 30 years old and still in operation.

The Installation is simple. The individual rollers are 10 cm wide with deflector elements or return pieces.

The EPDM Ice mats are easy to transport. In the standard we build it [nbsp] in 2.5 m-long boxes. Other sizes are available upon request. Especially for curling rinks 4m boxes are useful.

The length of the EPDM sheets is variable up to a rail length 60 meters.

The storage boxes are stackable, thus saving space [nbsp] store. [nbsp]


The Ice mats made Ice Rink can also have inclusions[nbsp] (eg. columns, trees or other space type characteristics) that need to be integrated into the skating rink.

Dash Boards


The dash boards is the Eye catcher of the ice rink.

Same time the dash board in ice usage suffers the most.
That's why we offer only the highest quality and most robust semi-professional board systems on PE basis, which is easy to install
- [nbsp] with aluminum frame, stable
- [nbsp] with round corners or
- optional [nbsp] with fishing nets.

For Shopping mall operation or other indoor installations with high customer traffic we recommend transparent boards.

The height of the board, shall be for Fun use 1m. This fits better with mide size squares of 450 m or 600 m, than 1,25 m height. But we are also happy to provide you with the "Olympic level " size of 1,25m height

Our mobile boards have
- 8 mm thick PE planking
- a blue handrail
- and a yellow or white bumper
Therefore, you can always install advertisment into the advertising slot (table).

Chilling technology

Our mobile ice rinks refrigeration system includes
- the cooling unit,
- the circulation pump,
- flexible hoses 10 m,
- the open [nbsp] glycol tank and
- a defrosting device for dismantling [nbsp]
- and a connected hot water package
Solkav delivers true 300 Watt / (250 Watt / ALU STAR) installed

For mobile ice rinks, we use OEM-produced standard chiller, adapted for us for ice usage, with international service Back Up

For professional rink use we offer [nbsp] our own special [nbsp] Solar Booster Serial [nbsp] [nbsp]

Ice Care

For Ice care we can offer various products depending on the size of the rink and seasonal usage period:

- Ice Flamer: this is a Flamer manually driven, melting the top layer of ice, and thus preparing the ice.

- Edger: to remove the condensates, collected on the dashboard floor  Useful for ice rinks more thsn 6 weeks in operation.

- Solkav Combi: Tractor and Trailer: The trailer can also be connected to a customer's own tractor, which reduces investment, suitable for ice rinks up to size of 900

- Solkav Midi: A self-driven machine for ice rinks up to 900

- Solkav Maxi: Professional machines for [nbsp] rinks bigger than 1,000

Ice skate package and other useful things

We can offer you for the successful ice operation further "utilities":

- ice skate packages, sorted by size

- skate sharpening machine for sharpening (required for ice rinks, which are longer than 6 weeks in operation)

- Ice skate walkable rubber mats

- Ice skating learning devices, such as penguins are polar bears for children

- a hot water package if they use an Ice Resurfacer.

Our installation package includes:    

- Bigger than the ice rink (+ 10 cm on the short side; + 120 cm and +40 cm on the long side)
- Flat and leveled
- Sandy underfloors should not be wet
2. A professional installation
- Bourd feet satying in the ice
- with an tested and adjusted cooling system
3. Care Package
- Hot line for help
- Reserve glycol and repair kits.
4. Training for making ice and operating
5. Supervising the icemaker up to the end