Gas engine driven heat pump


In order to use gas engines as well as power supply for the solar booster solution (solar absorber combination with a heat pump) Solkav has developed the enhanced concept of Solarbooster-GAS.

Patent protected

Solkav got for its gas engine driven heat pump patent protection.

Solar absorber and gas engine driven heat pump combination

The use of a gas engine instead of an electric engine to power the heat pump allow

- to recover the heat and the exhaust heat of the gas engine for hot water or heating circuit needs at very high temperature level (about 85 ° -90 °).

- in addition to couple a generator in order to remain in full load operation, and to produce simultaneously electric energy.

- an annual heat coefficient of about 1: 2.6 to 1: 2.9 for the the overall system.

The economic benefit is that the solar - gas engine driven heat pump system supply through the provision of high-temperature (about 35%) significantly higher annual replacement figures of standard heat.

Additionally an existing gas connection can be used and no additional electrical capacity is needed.

Especially in areas with low gas prices in relation to costs of electricity the gas engine energy efficiency is very attractive.

The development in pricing of electricity and all the alarmism about nuclear energy will make the gas engine solution economically very attractive.