SOLKAV - a company for solar absorber systems, Heat pumps and Ice Rinks

We are a company havong its central expertise in the areas of

- Solar Absorber technology (in combination with heat pump technology) on one hand


- ice rink ice rink technology on the other hand.

for a dispersed group of users, from private pool owners, the hotel industry, the public pool and skating rink owners, commercial Ice arenas and water parks.

Both technologies have at first glance, probably nothing to do with each other. At second glance their core part has two similarities:

Solar Absorber and ice fields are HUGE HEAT EXCHANGER.

Heat pumps and Ice Field cold is based on compressor cooling.

We offer [nbsp] you the heat changer fields
- EPDM (rubber) based
- integrated in the ground as a "running track"
- in all-aluminum design or
- in a concrete slab design


With both technologies, Solkav works since long time for heating swimming pools and skating rinks applications and has many patents and trademarks. Please visit our site for more to inform yourselves about the merits of our products.

Our track record of innovation in our brand Solkav started more than 30 years before:

Innovation is the source of all development:
1982: the first solar absorber Europe (William Castle, Austria)
1985: the first ice skating rink (roll out EPDM) based on Ice mat technology [nbsp]
1994: the first in the bottom-integrated solar absorber (SPORTSOLAR)
2002: the heat pump combined with solar absorber technology
2004: the first 100% solution for heating and air conditioning with solar absorber technology (Sofia)
2007: the first gas-powered heat pump solution
2008: the first full-aluminum ice rink [nbsp]
2011: The first solar wall in steel