Swimming Pool heat requirement and solar radiation


Outdoor swimming pools have their heat demand in summer when the sun shines. It can be covered by solar systems, but not on cloudy days (especially when multiple follow each other).


Indoor swimming pools have their heating needs all year round. To fix that demand preferably solar, and then in second step with an attached heat pump, is an ideal mix, due to the low required temperatures, its volume and constancy in demand. [nbsp]

Solarabsorber and Heat pump combination

Solkav did develop the combination of
solarabsorber- and heat pump technology:

The Solar Booster conception.

Patent protection

The solar Booster conception is nor just a registered trade mark,

but also patent protected.



The integrated solution means that in sunny weather, the plant is run solar and  in times of alack of sunshine or at night, is run as a heat pump systems, which removes the primary energy from the air. [nbsp] The plant operated as a closed circle and can maintain several swimming pools at the same time. The hot-gas extraction ensures that even shower water can be heated simultanously. The controller unit measures permanently the heat requirements and potentials to optimizes the relationship between energy input and output permanently.


In combination with heat pump operation
the solar absorber is at the same time a solar plant and a huge heat changer,
- which absorbes the diffuse sun radiation
- and removes heat from the air.
This enlarge the energy output
of the solar absorber to the 4.5-fold
The combination ensures the 24 hour operation
without [nbsp] sunlight and at night. It delivers
constant heat but with variable electrical power consumption,
because the heat pump has to compensate for the fluctuating primary energy.
This applies as long as the solar absorber system is not covered with snow,
or outside temperatures fall below zero. [nbsp]

The economic benefit is that

- the system due to the use of solar energy (direct and indirect solar energy) outperform any other heat pump system (air, geothermal) in terms of energy efficiency by 25% - 35%.

- the system is in relation to geothermal energy in the acquisition significantly cheaper, and in relation
to air heat pumps much less low temperature sensitive. The cut-off temperature is -3 ° AT in comparison to air + 5 / +7 °.